Plan of Modernization of Ukraine started its implementation from stimulating investments into Ukrainian economy

Plan of Modernization of Ukraine, which was presented and approved at the Congress of Federation of Employers of Ukraine, started its implementation from stimulating investments in Ukrainian economy. A draft law №3544 about the special regimes of investment and innovation activities with using the principal of subsidiarity is registered in the Verkhovna Rada. The initiator of the development of the draft law in the summer of this year was the Federation of Employers of Ukraine and the initiative of industrialists was supported by the group of experts and members of the Parliament headed by Anatoly Hirschfeld.

The registered draft law contains clearly defined conditions and incentives for attracting foreign and domestic investments. The main conditions for the investor to obtain the incentives offered to determine:
- The minimum amount of investments, which should not be less than 500 thousand of Euros, both for domestic and foreign investors;
- Creation of at least 25 new jobs in Ukraine;
- Investment should promote increasing of average salary at enterprise or its particular structural unit and its amount should be at least 2,5 times more than the minimum salary.

Instead, the investor, whether he will build a new plant, or will be reconstructing the unit of the plant will be able to receive motivation for doing business in Ukraine. Among the motivations, offered to investors is the special tax regime including 100-percent depreciation, tariff concessions on imports of new equipment or supplies required for implementation of the project. In addition, the draft law provides a special regime of Single Contribution payment, exemption from payment of share participation in infrastructure development, as well as special regime of non-tariff regulation in foreign trade.

Today, experts predict that possible investments only in the processing industry of Ukraine within 3 years from the introduction of such investment incentive law will be in the amount of 9 billions of Dollars. In the Federation of Employers of Ukraine hope that the abovementioned draft law will be implemented in Ukraine.

AMU – Team Starts Programme-Work

VIENNA, May 13, 2015. Founded in March 2015, The Agency for the Modernisation of Ukraine (AMU) aims at uniting the knowledge of outstanding experts and experienced politicians from all over Europe. This cumulated know-how should conduce to the support of Ukraine and its further development. The programme process as a basis for this was launched today at the meeting of all the leaders in Vienna.

Agency for Modernization of Ukraine Founded in Vienna

Representatives of France, Germany and the UK have endorsed the proposal jointly moved forward by the Federation of Employers of Ukraine and trade unions of Ukraine to set up the Agency for the Modernization of Ukraine. In 200 days, the Agency will present a clear and comprehensive Ukraine modernization action plan.

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