The Plan of modernization of Ukraine was presented and approved on the Congress of Federation of Employers of Ukraine

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"Ukraine can return on its way of development within the short period of time, Ukraine has all the possibilities to be reach and industrialized country. Our Plan of Modernization of Ukraine, designed for 10 years, in the next year could bring noticeable results for Ukrainian economy and citizens", - noticed Dmytro Firtash.

President of the Agency for Modernization of Ukraine, Michael Spindelegger during the FEU Congress underlined that Ukraine needs urgent economic reforms. "If the reforms are not made immediately, there will be no investment in Ukraine at all, because there will be no trust of European investors. If there are no fundamental changes, the Ukrainian people will lose their belief in the country. We need to act immediately. If the process of changes starts, we will be able to reach a lot in some next years. Ukraine can become a production hub for Europe", - said the President of the Agency for Modernization of Ukraine, Michael Spindelegger. He noticed that foreign investors require stable working conditions. "It would be properly to introduce a three-year moratorium on changing of tax laws. You make changes in taxes, and no one knows when there will be the next changes", - said AMU President.

Vice-President of FEU Dmytro Oliynik stressed that Ukraine still remains the exporter of workforce and the importer of credits. "Eight millions of Ukrainians want to emigrate today, the growth of economy in nearest 10 years can be only at a level of 2-3%. We have the chance to change the situation. But without fighting against corruption, without stable tax legislation, without changing the export of resources into the export with high added value there will be no development of the country", - said Dmytro Oliynik.

Chairman of the Federation of Employers of Kharkov region Anatoliy Hirschfeld said that Ukraine's current situation could never arise if a country had a strong economy. "The main challenge lies in the economic area. There wouldn't be what we have now, if there was a strong economy. Israel has nothing but grows two crops and has tremendous productivity of work. The economy determines what the country will be like", - said Anatoly Hirschfeld. He noted that corruption, which does not allow the country to develop, cannot be defeated in a poor state. "United, making a plan of reforms that can be complemented, we create a roadmap according to the country can move forward. After all, Germany has become Germany because there was a program according to which the main productive forces were moving. If we manage to combine efforts, we can achieve growth on the level higher than 2% ", - said Anatoly Hirschfeld.

As a result of the Congress, national associations of employers and trade unions signed a Memorandum on the joint implementation of the Plan of Modernization of Ukraine. Document was signed by Vice President of FEU Oleksii Miroshnychenko and Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine Grigory Osoviy. The parties agreed to establish a committee for the implementation of the Modernization Plan and to invite the authority representatives, scientists and experts to work in it.


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