Congratulations to FEU in his video expressed Markus Beyrer, CEO of BUSINESSEUROPE

Federation of Employers of Ukraine signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the largest business-association of European Union BUSINESSEUROPE. This event took place on the eve of X Congress of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, which was held in Kyiv on December 2. By signing this significant document EU business showed its readiness for joint projects with Ukrainian business, and expressed a desire for constant communication at level of business organizations.

Employers of Ukraine propose their plan to the society and government. It is time to revive the country together

They continue working despite the war and the crisis. They preserve jobs. They pay salaries. Someone to several people, someone to tens thousands of people. Because this are the people, whom they care of. This is their business, their country and they want to save it. Ukrainian Employers offer to society and government their plan. It is time to revive the country together.

Japan. They managed and we will do

Japan, year 1950. The volume of production is only 20% of the prewar level. Thanks to the Arisava’s reform plan country buys tens of thousands of patents and licenses and develops its own high-tech production. Today Japan is a real technological giant. The solution exists!

South Korea. They managed and we will do

South Korea, year 1960. The economy is in a catastrophic situation. One of the main export products - wigs. The Koreans sell their hair in order to earn at list some money. Thanks to Park Chung-hee’s reforms a new export-oriented economy was built only in 10 years. Today South Korea is one of the most powerful economies of the world, the sixth world exporter, the real Asian Tiger. They managed and we will do. The solution exists!

Poland. They managed and we will do

Poland, year 1989. A deep economic crisis. Around half of the enterprises are on the verge of stopping. Thanks to Balcerowicz’s plan, the country managed to attract foreign investors and for today in Poland the average salary is 950$ and the average pension is 400$. Today Poland is one of the richest countries of Eastern Europe. They managed and we will do. The solution exists!

Germany. They managed and we will do

Germany, year 1945. Half of all the buildings are damaged or destroyed. The products are distributed by cards, and the industry is not functioning. Thanks to Ergard’s reform plan in five years Germany stopped using food cards. In ten years the destroyed industry was renewed. In fifteen years Germany completely rebuilt all the housing facilities. The country became the third in the world by the volume of production. Today, Germany - one of the strongest economies in the world. The solution exists!

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